Today's post is so exiting for me! I just received two gorgeous new sample albums in from a company called Madera Books. This is my first time ordering through this company and I am blown away by these handcrafted albums. The feel of the pages, the quality of the printing, and the attention to detail throughout have made me fall in love with this company. I have refreshed my product line and I'm excited to offer this amazing piece of art to my clients. My standard album has always been a 10x10" square, however I am now offering an 8x12" vertical album as well. Scrolling through hundreds and hundreds of images on a computer screen is not only a daunting task but it can cheapen the beauty of each individual image. However, having a finely curated collection of the absolute best images from your day in a leather-bound book gives a whole new life to your wedding photographs. The day you got married you started a new family, a new legacy. The wedding album is the first heirloom in that new legacy.

One of the goals in my brand and business has always been to keep things beautiful and classic. I do not over process images or shoot in a way that makes my work look trendy. With this in mind, It only felt natural that I would carry that same classic aesthetic into the products I offer. Here are a few things that I love most about these new albums: They lay completely flat when open and the crease between the pages is almost non-existent. The pages are a smooth matte finish and incredibly thick. There are a variety of fine leather and linen choices available that are beautiful and classic. The designs of each spread are clean and minimalist, I never overlap images or use borders, this ensures the book will not be outdated even 50 years from now. Here is a brief preview of the albums (there are 30 pages in each album).