The holiday season is one of my absolute favorites! Now that I have a family it has become one of my priorities to create holiday traditions we can carry on through the years. We've enjoyed the process of getting a real tree the last few Christmases. We all love to bake and Emery is finally at the age where she has a lot of fun helping pour the ingredients and stir the batter. We listen to lots of Christmas music, burn holiday scented candles, wrap presents and watch our favorite classic Christmas movies together.

We'll cozy up on the couch on Christmas Eve, read the copy of The Night Before Christmas we bought in our first year of marriage and put out cookies for Santa. I'm really looking forward to watching Emery open her gifts on Christmas morning. She knows what presents are now and has attempted to take a peek a couple times already! I hope you enjoy a look inside our home and how we love to decorate for Christmas! All photos are medium format film (Portra 400) with scans by The Find Lab